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Bible Q

When was Sodom destroyed?

There are two ways of approaching this question — using biblical chronological information to establish an approximate date for the event, or using whatever archaeological information is available that might suggest a destruction date. Unfortunately there is very little archaeological evidence available, although that hasn’t stopped people using what is there to suggest possible dates. […]

Why is there so little evidence for both the Exodus and the events described in the Book of Joshua?

Absence of direct evidence for the Exodus is not surprising. Egyptian records are not well preserved, and there are serious gaps in the records due to physical loss or destruction, including an almost complete lack of records during the Exodus era. Egyptians did not differentiate between Semitic groups living in Egypt (and there were many), […]

How was the Bible discovered?

The Bible has not been “discovered” in any archaeological sense. It has always been read, copied and redistributed from the time the first book was written down. Over time, as God inspired more books, the collection of books that make up the Bible grew. It took its current form sometime around AD 100. Some ancient […]