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Bible Q

Where in the Bible does it say angels have more than two wings?

In actual fact, the Bible’s descriptions of angels present them as having no wings! See the answer to ‘Where in the Bible does it say that angels have wings?‘. As that answer says, ‘There are two angel-like creatures that do have wings, and this may be the origin of the idea that angels have wings. […]

Were cherubs real or just a metaphor?

Cherubs are only mentioned a few times in the Bible. In every passage except one they are either sculpted, part of a vision or used metaphorically. Sculpted cherubs were part of the ark of the covenant. They were made of hammered gold, along with the lid of the ark, called the “mercy seat”. Exodus 25:17-20 […]

What did a cherub and a ‘wheel within a wheel’ look like?

Although, probably to varying degrees of success, people have made attempts at depicting them,1 no one knows for sure what either a cherub or a ‘wheel within a wheel’ looks like. The descriptions we have about what they looked like can be found in places like Ezekiel chapters 1 and 10. In the answer to […]

What is a cherub?

A cherub is an angelic being. They are sometimes described as the means by which God moves (2Sam. 22:11, cf. 1Chron. 28:18). The plural of ‘cherub’ is ‘cherubim’, as shown by passages like Exodus 25:18-19: And you shall make two cherubim of gold; of hammered work shall you make them, on the two ends of […]