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Bible Q

Why does God let children suffer?

Thank you for your question. The problem of suffering is perhaps one of the most difficult questions that a Christian has to face, as it cuts to the core of our understanding of God and His purpose. Whilst some skeptics use it as an argument for atheism, I do not think this argument has the […]

When a stillborn child’s soul goes to Heaven and we go there too, will we see them and in what stage of maturity will they be?

This is a very upsetting subject.  Although I have never lost an unborn child, I’ve seen the trauma and sorrow experienced by those who have and I extend my sincere sympathy to those who have experienced this loss. Firstly, it is a common misconception that people go to heaven when they die.  The Bible is […]

What is the fate of children who die?

You say: I had two beautiful daughters, one had down syndrome and the other is autistic. Sarah the one who had down syndrome died five years ago from a heart condition that wasn’t treatable. Where would you say she is at? Does the Bible say anything about special needs children? also, would children who died […]

Will all children go to heaven?

Your question assumes that people go to heaven at death.  The Bible does not teach this — this doctrine has been developed by men partly as a result of misunderstanding some passages of Scripture.  Consider the following Scriptures: Eccl 9:5  For the living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing… Psa 115:16-17 […]