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Bible Q

Why did God allow for translational inconsistencies in 2 Kings 24:8 & 2 Chronicles 36:9; 2 Kings 8:26 & 2 Chronicles 22:2; and 2 Samuel 10:18 & 1 Chronicles 19:18?

2Ki 24:8  Jehoiachin was eighteen years old when he became king, and he reigned three months in Jerusalem. His mother’s name was Nehushta the daughter of Elnathan of Jerusalem. 2Ch 36:9 KJV  Jehoiachin was eight years old when he began to reign, and he reigned three months and ten days in Jerusalem: and he did […]

Why the inconsistency between 2 Chronicles 36:9 and 2 Kings 24:8?

This inconsistency is only evident in some translations as it is often corrected. Jehoiachin was eight years old when he became king, and he reigned in Jerusalem three months and ten days. And he did evil in the sight of the Lord. (2 Chronicles 36:9 NKJV) Jehoiachin was eighteen years old when he became king, and […]

How did Judas Iscariot die? (Matthew 27:5, Acts 1:18)

And throwing down the pieces of silver into the temple, he departed, and he went and hanged himself. Matthew 27:5 Judas Iscariot committed suicide. He hung himself, presumably from a tree, in a potter’s field. It was subsequently bought by the chief priests with the very money Judas had originally received for betraying Jesus. The […]

Does Genesis 2:5-9 contradict Genesis 1?

Not at all! Genesis 1:1-2:3 is obviously a highly structured narrative of the days of creation, while Genesis 2:4-3:24 is clearly a much more detailed account of Eden. The author just decided to finish the overall creation week story before going back over some parts in more detail. Everyone writes like this — in Scripture […]

Was John the Baptist beheaded twice? (Mark 6:14-29)

When Herod heard of Jesus’ miracles he said “John, whom I beheaded, has been raised” (Mark 6:16). Then Mark recounts the story of how John had died, in order to explain Herod’s statement. The next verse begins For it was Herod who had sent and seized John and bound him in prison for the sake […]

How many versions are there of the Bible and do any of them contradict each other?

There are hundreds, possibly thousands, of translations of the Bible. In English alone, there have been more than 100 published translations of the Bible in the last ten years (see for a list). In general, the differences between the translations are largely about style of language and whether the translation is more word-for-word or […]