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Bible Q

Were Gentiles excluded from entering the synagogue?

During the time of the second temple (c. 516 BCE to 70 CE) Gentiles were excluded from entering the Temple past the outer court (which was known as the Court of the Gentiles). But there are numerous cases in Scripture of Gentiles attending synagogues around the Roman world. Of course, there could well have been […]

Who were the people to be defeated by Israel when they entered the Promised Land?

The following nations  are mentioned in the Bible as either to be driven out of the Promised Land by God or by the Israelites: Amorites Hittites Perizzites Canaanites Hivites Jebusites Girgashite See, e.g., Ex. 23:23; Deut. 7:1. Other territory and nations are mentioned in Joshua 13:2-6 (including the Philistines and the Sidonians). As it happens, […]