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Bible Q

Was Judas predestined to betray Jesus?

There are three suggestions in the New Testament that a betrayal by Judas was prophesied, which has led some readers to ask the question above “Was Judas predestined to betray Jesus?” Psalm 41:9 in John In John 13:18 Jesus quotes Psalm 41:9 – originally about David’s enemies – of Judas, “But the Scripture will be […]

How did Judas Iscariot die? (Matthew 27:5, Acts 1:18)

And throwing down the pieces of silver into the temple, he departed, and he went and hanged himself. Matthew 27:5 Judas Iscariot committed suicide. He hung himself, presumably from a tree, in a potter’s field. It was subsequently bought by the chief priests with the very money Judas had originally received for betraying Jesus. The […]

Who are the six demons in the film “Exorcism of Emily Rose” : Cain, Nero, Judas, Legion, Belial and Lucifer?

These six “demons” in the 2005 American horror film “The exorcism of Emily Rose” are inventions of the scriptwriters. Only one of those names – Legion – is actually connected to the healing of a “demon possessed” man in the Bible. Legion – was the name an insane man that Jesus healed had given himself (Mark 5:1-20). Legion […]