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Bible Q

Who carried out the first baptism in the Bible?

Ceremonial washing and bathing in the Old Testament. The Law of Moses introduced various washing of hands, feet and sometimes the whole body. This is not actual baptism, and the Greek word baptismos, washing, is also found four times in the New Testament when referring to these Levitical washings : Mark 7:4, 7:8, Colossians 2:12 […]

In 2 Kings 5:18, is Rimmon a god of Syria?

Yes, in 2Kings 5:18 Rimmon is referring to a Syrian god. There isn’t much information about this false god, either inside or outside the Bible. The International Standard Bible Encyclopaedia has the following entry: A Syrian god. Naaman the Syrian leper after being cured is troubled over the fact that he will still have to […]