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Bible Q

Which parts of the Bible talk about Peter’s death?

Peter’s death occurred around 66 AD. It is not recorded in the book of Acts, whose narrative only continues into 50s of the first century. It is also not explicitly mentioned in any of the New Testament letters, which were probably all written before 66 AD. There are, however, two allusions to Peter’s death. One […]

Will there be a time of tribulation before the rapture?

I believe the tribulation spoken about in the New Testament, has been happening in varying degrees, throughout history.  Certain times and certain places experience more tribulation than others.  For example, the Christians in the first century faced awful persecution under Nero and Domitian, then later under Trajan, Aurelius, Severus,  Decius, Valerian,  Maximinus, Aurelian, Diocletian and […]