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Bible Q

Will the earth have room for all the resurrected in the Kingdom?

“The world’s living population now stands at about eight billion. With the return of Christ, many people who are dead will awake. The population of the world will multiply.  Question: How would Christ judge so many people? Please explain Christ’s judgment on the resurrection.” There are two parts to this question – firstly how many […]

Was Galilee not part of Israel (the Northern Kingdom) after being destroyed by the Assyrians? If so, why were Galileans not stigmatized to the same degree as Samaritans?

The region of Galilee is in Northern Palestine, and thus would have formed part of the Kingdom of Israel. The Israelite population of Galilee was deported by the Assyrians (cf. 2 Kings 15:29). This region would have been repopulated by Gentiles from other parts of the Assyrian empire (like the Samaritans). Under the Maccabees this region […]

How has the population grown from only two people?

In 2009, the US Census Bureau estimated that the world’s population was growing at the rate of 1.10% per year. At that rate, it would double every 63.3 years and the population would take only 2007 years to grow from 2 people to the current 6.8 billion. Obviously human beings have been around for a lot […]