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Bible Q

Did God require a sacrifice to forgive the sins of mankind?

Yes. This is perhaps one of the simplest questions to answer. The New Testament makes it clear that the Old Testament sacrifices were only shadows of what God really wanted. Such as in “Sacrifices and offerings you have not desired” (Hebrews 10:5). But nevertheless, the final sacrifice, the submission of Jesus to his father’s will, was […]

In what way were sacrifices “shadows”?

A shadow is a picture cast by a tangible object. The sacrifices were a representation of the atonement/reconciliation/forgiveness of sins the coming messiah would achieve. Jesus the Messiah was the tangible reality. The sacrifices were the picture illustrating aspects of this amazing salvation to come through Jesus. The Law of Moses, extensively used physical things […]

How do we become sanctified?

A short answer to this question, is through faith in Jesus Christ who offered himself as a sacrifice for sin. A more detailed answer: We are sanctified or made holy, by the word of God and through the offering of the body of Jesus (John 17:17-19).  How does this happen? God’s seed or gospel takes […]

Did Jesus participate in sacrifices at the Temple?

When Jesus was a baby, sacrifices were offered as part of his consecration (see Luke 2:22-24). We also know that Jesus went to Jerusalem at Passover time (see How many times did Jesus attend the Passover celebration?). Part of the Passover festival involved sacrifice at the temple (Deuteronomy 16:5-7). Then he went to the Feast […]