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Bible Q

What does Titus 2 say about a woman’s role today?

According to Paul in Titus 2 older women are not to tell malicious stories, nor drink too much alcohol. They are to be reverent in behaviour, and to teach what is good. Although older women are specifically mentioned I don’t think anyone imagines that it is ok for people other than older women to do […]

What verse is there that has Jesus asking anyone to “submit” or “surrender” their will to his? Wouldn’t that be violating man’s free will to choose to follow his teachings?

I don’t think Jesus uses the word “submit” or “surrender” when explaining to the disciples what is required of them, but he uses similar ideas.  A small selection of verses with Jesus’ instructions to his disciples: Matthew 10:37-39: Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me, and whoever loves son […]