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Bible Q

In Daniel 12 it speaks about 1290 days (v11) and 1335 days (v12): what happens during the extra 45 days?

There are a variety of different interpretations of this verse. A number of interpreters use the idea of a day-for-a-year so correlate these time periods to historical events. For example, Graham Mansfield suggests a number of possible time periods, relating to events to do with the Catholic Church, Islam and Zionism: Starting 533 AD (Decree […]

Are the days in Revelation and other prophecies literal?

Revelation is a book of symbol, almost nothing within the vision recorded in the book is literal so we should probably operate on the assumption that time periods in Revelation are symbolic unless we have a good reason for supposing otherwise. There are prophecies in the Bible where time periods should be taken literally. For […]