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Bible Q

Should we stand for communal prayer?

The full question was “Why do some religious denominations ask you to stand for communal prayer, while others ask you to remain seated, others just ask you to bow the head. Surely, standing is inappropriate for communal prayer- thinking of acts 20:36 and acts21:5 just 2 examples which i have just read?” To the “Why” […]

Where do we get the belief that all the apostles were martyred except John? What early historical writers do we put faith in as being authoritative?

We are largely dependent on non-biblical sources for the records of the martyrdoms of twelve. This is not surprising when we consider that most of the NT books were written before 70 AD. Acts 12:2 records the death of James, son of Zebedee, who was executed by Herod. In 2 Tim 4:6 Paul refers to […]