Some people like to find a symbolic significance for all or some colors mentioned in the Bible. However, the Bible never provides any clear indication that colors are used symbolically, or what each color meant if they are symbolic. So if there is any symbolism intended, the only way to find it is to read all the passages that mention the color and see if there are any common themes.

Those who like to find symbolic meaning in colours usually associate silver with redemption, largely because silver coins were used to redeem or purchase goods.

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One Response to What does the color silver mean in the Bible?

  1. Prophetess Kolani says:

    While Rob hit the target I believed that more explanation of silve is needed. While silver was used to indeed pay for for good the reason why it is symbolic of redemptions is because silver was the price paid for for Jesus identity when he was betrayed by the diciple Judas. This resulted in the death, burial and ressurection that alllows all men to have access to redemption through Jesus the Savior.

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