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What is the significance of the word “shadow” in the Bible?

The word “shadow” is used in several ways in the Bible.

  • There is the obvious and literal meaning (e.g., 2 Kings 20:9-11; Acts 5:15).
  • Then there are places where it means shelter (e.g., Psalm 17:8; Isaiah 30:2).
  • It can also be used figuratively to mean things that are symbolic of something else. For example, the law of Moses is described as a “shadow” of Christ (Colossians 2:17; Hebrews 8:5; 10:1). We might use the word “foreshadowing” in the same way.

In each case, the context makes it clear how the word is being used.

3 Replies to “What is the significance of the word “shadow” in the Bible?”

  1. When Jesus was hung on the cross,  he knew his fate  ,he knew why he was born… why then did he cry out to God in his last moments of life and say, ” My God, My God why have you forsaken me?:

  2. the shadow is usually noticed on a sunny day, when there is obstruction of rays from the sun to the earth, the sybolic meaning is that, jesus is the light of the world, therefore we can only bring forth fruit(our shadow), when, we are focused on jesus. Looking unto jesus the author and finisher of our faith. Otherwise , we would produce no shadow.