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Bible Q

What did Noah’s obedience show when obeying God in regard to building the ark?

Noah’s obedience showed that he:

  • would do what he was told by God – even if the instructions may have seemed silly to us (Genesis 6:22).
  • was faithful to complete a very big job (Genesis 7:16).
  • valued God’s opinion more than everybody else’s opinion (Genesis 6:9).

Interesting aside:

In building the ark Noah condemned the world (Hebrews 11:7). During construction, the ark stood as a mute criticism of everyone else – as obedience to God often does today.

One Reply to “What did Noah’s obedience show when obeying God in regard to building the ark?”

  1. Good one Noah.
    No I really mean it and I am not mocking the man. For I am truly amazed what a great example he is for us today. How all (in this case most) of the locals would have given Noah and his family the “stick”.

    The knowledge and the science of the day would have pointed out how far from the lakes or seas they were. (That is if there were lakes and seas)
    What is rain?
    Where is this flood?
    Why is this ark so large?
    When is this thing going to be finished?
    How are you going to catch all the animals?
    How could the entire Earth be flooded?
    What even Mt Ararat?

    Noah trusted God and resisted the knowledge and science of the day?
    Science has given us many benefits in life today, but has made many mistakes along the way and we too easily try to change the God’s word to fit the prevailing science of the day.

    Let us be like Noah and trust in God and not in man.