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What should we learn from Solomon’s story?

There are many lessons we can take from the life of Solomon. Here is a highlight:

God made King Solomon an incredible offer, “Ask what I shall give you.” (1 Kings 3:5). If you were in his position and could ask for anything, what would you ask for? Solomon, with endless possibilities before him, asked for an understanding mind to govern the nation of Israel. He wanted to be able to discern between good and evil.

“It pleased the Lord that Solomon had asked this.” 1 Kings 3:10

God granted Solomon’s request and made him wise – people came from the ends of the earth to hear his wisdom (Matthew 12:42). God also added a multitude of blessings, things that Solomon had not requested. From this we learn that it’s important not to make health, wealth, honour or revenge our top priority. Seek wisdom. Ask God for an understanding mind and the strength to make the right decisions in your life – to govern yourself in a Godly way. Ask God for the clarity to realise what is good and evil and for help to pursue good. This is pleasing to God. Jesus puts it this way:

“…seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” (Matthew 6:33)

Jesus, the greater Son of David, makes a contrast between the great glory of Solomon and the magnificent glory of God’s creation. God arrayed Solomon in great splendour, he had the finest of everything – when the Queen of Sheba visited him it took her breath away (1 Kings 10:4-7). Yet Jesus says that the simple flowers of the field are more glorious than Solomon ever was (Matthew 6:28-20).  Jesus wants us to be inspired by the care God has for His creation. He wants us to remove any anxiety we may have about food, drink or clothing (to this we might add money) and to know that God will provide for our every need. If we desire the Kingdom of God and His righteousness we can put our full trust in God. He will give us everything we really need.

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