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Why did miracles happen in the Bible but not now?

For the majority of history God hasn’t worked in obvious miracles. Relatively speaking, the Bible records only very small portions of history, sometimes interspersed by hundreds of unrecorded years, and even in those records God isn’t performing miracles all the time. You’d expect the Bible to record a fair number of miracles, though, because it is often a record of very special¬†occurrences, when God interacts openly and obviously¬†with people for various reasons.

However, all this is not to say that God doesn’t do miracles even now. It’s just that those miracles might not be obviously so.

4 Replies to “Why did miracles happen in the Bible but not now?”

  1. But miracles do happen today.
    God answers our prayers – the answer is not always what we ask for but what we need and I have witnessed both.
    I have been in so much pain that I prayed that God would take my life or heal me. I awoke to being healed. ( A small pain (discomfort) remained and I think this is to remind of what I had been healed from, otherwise I might have forgotten how fortunate I had been.)

    In recent history Israel, against all odds, returned to its homeland after 2000 years – surely that was a miracle.
    Isn’t the fulfilment of prophecy a miracle.

  2. Miracles are just as real now as they were then. The only reason why dont hear about it is because like youspoke of it simply isnt recorded. I have personally witnessed a lady named Delia Knox completely healed of a 22 year paralization from the waste down. The vidoes are now on youtube and I encourage you to watch. Also 3 weeks ago my husband feel and dislocated his shoulder badly to the point that I was about to take him to the ER. We went to church first because I sing there, and we requested prayer before and thing started instantly his arm was corrected. There aare so very many other times that I could list but its not going to prove it to you. Go to youtube watch the videos of Lady Delia. God is here and He is moving and we should come together and catch His wind!

  3. I would like to share a miracle that happened to me sometime ago. I was driving at 5am from the tube station, when my car hit a pole and overturned on its side (driver side touching the ground). I immediately called on Jesus to help me, and within minutes all the emergency services were at the scene of the accident. Someone opened the boot of my car (hatchback) and with the help of my Good Lord, I just walked out of the car without a scratch. Praise the Lord! I was taken to my local hospital in a stretcher, but was discharged a couple of hours later, as everthing was fine. I praise and thank our Good Lord for this Miracle.

  4. What purpose did miracles serve in the Bible? They were signs to the people that those who performed these signs and wonders were from God. In the 3rd chapter of John, Nicodemus said, ‘Good Teacher, we know you are a teacher come from God, for no one can do these signs that you do’. And whom in the Scriptures performed these miracles? Jesus, the prophets, and the apostles performed signs and wonders to prove that they were who they said they were. If miracles continue to happen today, how are we to distinguish who is truly sent from God and who is not? Do I believe that supernatural feats occur today, guided by the Providence of God’s hand? Absolutely! But, Christ sits at the right hand of God, and we are no longer in the Apostolic age. Miracles, as they were used in both the Old and New Testaments, no longer are needed as God speaks through his Son even today.