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How do we get all nationalities, like Native Americans, from Adam and Eve?

Native Americans, Egyptians, Jews and everyone else are all descended from Adam and Eve. In fact, we’re all descended from the family of Noah, who were the only survivors of the flood (1 Peter 3:20).

God divided the nations of the world soon after the flood (Genesis 10:32). The rationale for this arose from the building of the tower of Babel, where

the Lord confused the language of all the earth. And from there the Lord dispersed them over the face of all the earth. (Genesis 11:9)

National groups would quickly form among the families that spoke the same language. Since marrying close relatives was not disapproved of at the time, and since close relatives were now the only people who spoke the same language, there would be few marriages outside the family group. Nations would thus develop a genetic identity and distinctive features such as skin colour. Any emerging genetic differences would combine with the language barrier and the distance between nations settling ‘over the face of all the earth’ to prevent them all merging back into one people again.

In Christ Jesus, people from all nations can still be gathered together into one, though — part of the family of God that extends across all nationalities (John 11:51-52; Galatians 3:26-28).

6 Replies to “How do we get all nationalities, like Native Americans, from Adam and Eve?”

  1. I would like to try and answer the question of where do all the different races come from? in the story of noah and the flood GOD told noah to take two of every beast and two of every flesh.if he was talking just about animals why would he mention flesh? i think this meant people and remember it took noah and his sons a hundred and tweny years to build the ark thats a long time and in that time GOD through the holy spirit compelled these animals and people to come to the ark and the reason it speakes of eight souls aboard the ark is because noah was the only pure blood line of the desendents of adam.all others were corrupt and evil that is why GOD had to send the flood in the first place was because of the immoral inbreeding of the races.but when he said bring two of every flesh this means one male and one female in order that the earth could be repopulated.i hope this has helped.

    • The only time Genesis refers to both beasts and flesh in the same verse is Genesis 7:21. This verse says all flesh (except those in the ark) died in the flood, using flesh as a general term. As the verse explains, this includes not only all kinds of beasts but also birds and people.

      Those on the ark are listed fairly precisely several times (Genesis 6:18-20; 7:1-3,7-9,13-14; 8:16-17,18-19; 9:9-10), with a high level of agreement: beasts, birds and ‘creeping things’. The only people mentioned on the boat were Noah’s family.

  2. Hi
    The answer to the question of races can be found originally in Genisis. On the sixth day God created man and gave him the earth to subdue. He created male and female as a seperate act distinct from the creation of Eve. If you look at Gen 2:5 it is noted that on the day before plants and rain God worked on Adam and Eve that would be before the third day of creation on the third day he also developed the land and sea that would be more condusive to rain. ( a lot of people think that the rainbow is the first sign of rain but the discription described on th third day iI believe is less of a reach than the rainbow event)
    Also Adam and Eve were given Eden to look after this is not on Earth as we perceive it there is multiple scripture to back this up.
    Adam and Eve has always been a distinct line that is why our adoption through Abraham holds far more weight than just the blessings that he received the inheritance of eternal life is closer to the description of Eden than a lot of cattle and the blessing of the land.
    The Floods were a response to the wickedness opf the Giants born of Angels. Considering that forfathers of Noah lived past the recorded date of the flood we know that not all life was destroyed.
    What God was trying to do in Eden was a seperate issue to general mankind. So the creation of Mankind is a parellell story of creation to the Adam line. Adam was suposed to be a mentor to the human race this is clear as it was up to him to even name the animals these were created before mankind.
    If we look at the word used for Adam and man created on the sixth day it is the same this aligns with the hope that is inherant in all of us to be far greater in Gods plan. Our likeness to him was shared by Adam.
    Throughout history God has chosen single people to manifest his power and hope to all of us . In Christ our hope is finally ensured a man of no sin the culmination of Gods eternal plan is at hand. THis seems to stray a bit from the race issue but it is a basis to understand it. There is so much scripture to back this up if it is read in the right light.

    • Eden contained the source of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (Genesis 2:14), which run through modern Turkey, Syria and Iraq. Another river from the same source is described as flowing through land still known for its minerals (Genesis 2:11-12). Cain later settled east of Eden (Genesis 4:16). The garden also contained all kinds of trees and animals (Genesis 2:8-9,19) – so it seems very clear that Eden was in the Middle East, not on some other planet.

      Also there is no indication of Noah’s forefathers surviving the flood. (Comparing Genesis 5:25-26,28-30; 7:6, Methuselah died in the year of the flood and Lamech five years earlier.) Rather, everyone except Noah’s immediate family died (Genesis 7:13,21-23, 1 Peter 3:20).

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  3. That kind of inbreeding would’ve produced quite a large number of mentally deficcient people though, wouldn’t it?

    • There’s a lot we don’t know about this time in history, including how many mentally deficient people there were. Inbreeding does increase the chance of genetic disorders – but not every member of an inbred family has any genetic disorder. The livestock industry, for example, intentionally uses inbreeding to produce better animals. Also, some of the genetic disorders we know today may not have existed at that time.

      Recent history provides examples of other species, such as the black robin, which have built up populations under extreme inbreeding with no apparent genetic problems.

      Of course, it’s possible that today’s ‘normal’ humans really are mentally deficient compared to Noah! We certainly have shorter lifespans.