There was approximately 420 years between their births. Abraham was born in about 1946 BC and died in about 1771 BC. Moses was born in about 1526 BC and died in about 1406 BC.

Consequently, there was about 245 years between the death of Abraham and the birth of Moses.

See “The Times: a chronology of the Bible”, chapter 3, for an explanation of how these dates are calculated.

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3 Responses to How many years passed between Abraham and Moses?

  1. Graham Kent says:

    Your information does help me resolve my dating Abraham and Moses from BC times. I have Abraham in 2126 and Moses 1707 for their respective births. Awefully close to your 420. As for their deaths, well there’s no getting around 175 and 120 so I agree well with the 245. However, may I suggest that we both are right and one of our sets of numbers is an “AM” series beginning from either 4084 BC or 4009 BC? I am aware that Ussher attempted to place creation at 4004 BC and so the idea of a double date, especially concerning Abrahams birth is perfectly understandable considering the Axis Mundi (AM) of time coming from the other direction. But if I may go on, the Egyptian calendar (civil-Sothic) had a first year say 2782BC or thereabout, and I find it intriguing that my date for Abraham (2126 BC) is 656 years from this date of 2782 BC. Also I lean towards my date of 2126 also because other scholars put Abraham at 2305 max, and so my date is approximately 180 years from your 1946 BC and others 2305 BC. Right in the middle! 1707 BC for Moses is confirmed as strongly suggested by current (absolute chronology) astronomy and archaeology. Moses was Sobekemsaff II or Sobekhotep the VIII and his tomb was raided in the time of Ramesses. Also, Moses would depart in 1586-7 BC at the time of the Exodus (Apotheosis of Typhoon) as defined by the Henry Browne who wrote the Ordo Saeclorum (Chronology of Holy Scriptures). I find it again intriguing that the Exodus and the Exile (586 BC) are 1,000 years different. On a final note I am willing to bet also that Muhammad’s Hegira was 622 years after AD because of at least 622 years missing between the Abraham who was born 390 years from Shem and born 2 years after Noah died in 2750 BC. Originally I discovered that there seemed to be (I put Shem at 3200 BC) 866 years between the death of Abraham in 2573 BC and the birth of Moses 1707. I then made a huge discovery that if one adds the overlap in Biblical ages Adam-Terah and Noah – Joseph and subtract that number (2522) from the 1656 from Creation until the start of the Flood when Noah is 600 then one can easily account for the 866 between Abraham (death) and Moses (birth). However, thanks to this websites number clues (and a few others before here which I will cite as sources in later comments if asked to do so) I am that much closer in figuring out how or why we are 180 years different. Do not feel bad, Freemasonry (Hiram Key) puts Abraham in 1810 BC which means (possibly) they have hidden 622 years that Mohammed was trying to make up for the truth for in his Religion which is probably why we are at war today! The good news is we agree with the 245 between them after 622 are dropped in order to acurrately connect back to Shem and still be in time for Abraham’s Promise around 2051 BC. See for his take on dating BC Biblical events, for he has Abraham born in 2051! I come and I go in Peace!

  2. Muhammad Shah says:

    years between moses and jeses

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