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Are UFOs mentioned in the Bible?

No, the Bible never mentions unidentified flying objects, and never discusses life beyond earth.

There is, however, an “unusual flying object” in one of Zechariah’s dreams:

Zechariah 5:1-2 (NIV)
I looked again—and there before me was a flying scroll!
He asked me, “What do you see?”
I answered, “I see a flying scroll, thirty feet long and fifteen feet wide.

This enormous scroll symbolised a curse that God was sending to warn people about stealing and lying (Zec 5:3).

8 Replies to “Are UFOs mentioned in the Bible?”

  1. what is then that you mention in Zechariah 5:1-2. also in the world today, enormous sightings of UFO’s, as a christian, what can we depend on?

    • As explained in my answer, Zec 5 describes a dream of Zechariah. It was a flying scroll.

      As Christians, we can depend on God and the scriptures he has provided.

  2. Whenever answering Biblical questions, we must use the Bible and not earthly wisdom. So here goes:

    God put the world “in place”, setting up its laws including physics and gravity. The only thing that lives outside of these laws are spirits (holy or fallen).

    So when UFO defy the laws of physics (sudden disappearance, change of direction, hyperspeed), they must be of the spirit realm.

    Secondly, people who claim to have been abducted or “study” aliens, claim they are smarter than humans and should be feared/worshiped. Only man and woman are made in God’s image, and therefore are superior to any other created beings. The only One who should be worship is Jesus, so “anything/anyone” saying they should be worshiped are not of God.

    So are there such things as UFO or aliens…yes and no. Have people seen what they beleive are UFOs and aliens, possibly, but they are Satan and his fallen angels masquerading, as to draw peoples attention from what, or better said Who should be worshiped and looked for.

  3. UFOs can not be denied. Their connection to both modern and ancient civilizations has a purpose. SO what is this purpose? We must keep in mind that satan is hard at work and has been for a very very long time. SO when will we see the result of the devils foundation work in UFO deception? There is a 5th trumpet in seal 7 of revelation that may hold the clue. you see something very very interesting happen in trumpet 5. An angel unlocks the bottomless pit and unleashes a swarm of locusts that torment men who have taken mark of the beast( false god). they torment members of that religion for 5 months. the very next trumpet the armies of the earth are summoned up to engage Israel. This has all the signs of a false flag. the first 4 trumpets have the signs of a major galactic event. could this be related to a UFO invasion?(fallen angels) will these aliens be an enemy to the false religion? (as a decoy) will the world run to the false religion to help against this “invasion” ? is this why trumpet 6 armies mobilize? Now those who are not attacked by these locusts are the remnant jews and christians. SO obviously we are associated with these locusts as being evil! WRAP your mind around this! Devil is smart. Best to seek God now and get prepped!

    trumpet 7 shows the armies ready to fight the arrival of Jesus and their faces turn to horror when they see the true Jesus and not some enemy they were tricked into fighting. study the book of revelation and ponder trumpet 5. The book gets deep and far to many underestimate the spectacular show know as the “great temptation” that will be the end.

    annunaki sound a lot like these locusts. Face of men with wings….Just a thought.

    • I’m sorry, but I see little real evidence of UFOs, and certainly (as the answer said) none from the Bible. Even if we accept them, I don’t think they have a lot of similarity with either a literal or figurative interpretation of the armies in the 5th trumpet.

      Also, I see nothing in Revelation 9 that would suggest to me that the 6th trumpet was about an army being raised against Israel. It mentions “mankind”, but not Israel at all. Could you possibly tell me where this came from?

      For fallen angels, see

  4. I had thought of some strangers….. and then they arrived as people little, at our doorstep….. and there were just clouds strange in the clouds…… and these people little….

    Are this UFOs ?….. and what are they ?…..

    Is it okay to cry JESUS and invite in few household lizards to feed or teleport these creatures elsewhere….