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Did Jesus ever baptise anyone himself?

No, Jesus didn’t physically baptise anyone himself. John 4:1-2 explains:

…Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John (although Jesus himself did not baptize, but only his disciples)

Jesus’ disciples, under his authority, were baptising people on his behalf.1


1. Perhaps it’s a bit like in the Old Testament when the Tabernacles was erected: Ex. 40 says that ‘Moses erected the tabernacle’ (e.g., Ex. 40:18), but, in actuality, it would have¬†physically¬†been done by a group of people. Like the disciples baptising people under Jesus’ direction, Moses would have been supervising the erection of the Tabernacle and, therefore, the narrative describes Moses as erecting it.

2 Replies to “Did Jesus ever baptise anyone himself?”

  1. Certainly, as the only begotten son of God, I feel that Jesus didn’t baptize in order to prevent a superior attitude from those He would have baptized as opposed to the disciples “lesser” baptism. The spiritual function of baptism is to remove the stain of original sin, that being the fall of adam and eve in the garden and making the baptized worthy and available to receive the Holy Spirit and open the gates of heaven for the believer. Baptism was meant to be done by a contemporary person, not necessarily a believer. A non-believer can baptize although usually performed by believers, mentors, priests and presbyters. There is even an account in an apocryphal text that a follower of Paul, a woman, baptized herself although this was a sole account and not recommended. Even if you think you’ve been baptized and are not sure, you can receive a conditional baptism to confirm that it was effective. Typically performed at birth now by dotting parents concerned of their child’s entry to heaven in case of early death, most baptisms were inclusive of confirmation in faith at adulthood. Baptized children require a parental or custodial teacher in faith termed Godparent(s) and also confirmation in their faith at the onset of maturity of mind to profess an intentional desire to follow Christ. Baptism requires water and usually unction and the statement, “Be baptized in the name of the Father and the name of the Son, and in the name of the Holy Spirit.” If you are a professing Christian and haven’t been baptised, ask a fellow believer to help or address your pastor/priest to perform this rite according to your churches teaching in scripture.

  2. Jesus “physically” never baptised anyone John 4:1-2,He came with the baptism of the Holy Spirit John 1:33…….but He could never do that till He was glorified John 7:39………Hence the Pentecost marked His first Baptism on the Holy Spirit.Making things worse…….His disciples were never born again till Pentecost because even them didn’t even fully believe in Him till He was raised to Glory…..Baptism of the Holy Spirit is having faith in the Gospel……birth…life…death..ressurection…of Christ…till Glory…..then you get it…….No ONE will have it with HALF of that…..must be FULL…..No disciple fully believed in the resurrection till it happened……they did believe in Jesus but not enough