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When was the Holy Spirit given?

The full question:

“I always thought the Holy Spirit came after Jesus’ ascension. However, Luke 2:25-26 says Simeon had that same “”Holy Ghost”” as Jesus mentions in Acts 1:8.
Am I right?
Also, was the Holy Spirit always available, but the apostles just didn’t have him until Jesus’ ascension?
Basically, why the big plug in churches that no Jesus death/resurrection = no Holy Spirit. This teaching seems misguided?”

The Holy Spirit is really just an extension of God. It’s his power and was with him from the beginning.

Luke’s gospel begins with several people FULL of the Holy spirit — John the Baptiser (1:15), Elizabeth (1:41) and Zechariah (1:67). Luke 1:34 explains Mary conceived through the power of God, the Holy Spirit.

Lots of people had the Holy Spirit prior to Jesus birth, even in the Old Testament — eg. Samson (Judges 13:25), David (Psalm 51:11) and as a collective group (Haggai 2:5).

I would say the Holy Spirit is one of God’s ways of working amongst humanity, and considering that Jesus birth, death and resurrection are hugely crucial in ‘the big picture’, the Holy Spirit is very evident in its activity, especially in the beginning of church history after Jesus rose and ascended.

As to Church teaching, without Jesus’ death and resurrection there is no salvation (1 Cor 15:17), but the Holy Spirit is not salvation, it’s part of God. It will always be.

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