No, Jesus wasn’t white (i.e., he wasn’t Caucasian, although he could have had a light skin colour). Ethnically, he was a Jew (from the the tribe of Judah [see Mat. 1 and Luke 3]), and he could possibly have looked something along the lines of the following picture:

Jewish face

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7 Responses to Was Jesus white?

  1. Felisha says:

    It is great to see a pic that would be closer to the bible’s depiction of Jesus’ features.
    The hair, of course, would be wooly, meaning very course without straight ends, like that of
    African Black people.

  2. Neil Wilfong says:

    It’s amazing to see a picture of supposed jesus , but letsbhear the question was jesus Caucasian in a sense yes he was . Now define that most anyrhing of the white race . Now once again lets look at the Hebrew Nation then and now …. No differance tbe Jews you see now are the jews of old in color..

    • Rinon says:

      Caucasian implies that one is from the Caucasus region. Jesus was not from here. Neither are most light skinned people. Most likely Jesus was a medium brown colour, like most arabic people. However, I don’t see how this matters. The colour of Jesus skin is a moot point and in fact has nothing to do with his message of love. Who really cares what colour his skin was?

      • dane says:

        bigots and those who like to see bigots squirm with a reality check. but i’m with you on the fact that it doesn’t change the message.

  3. Jay --- says:

    It’s sad and disturbing that the Catholic Church, the Europeans and White ppl in general continue to portray Jesus as an effeminate, White man with long blonde hair and blue eyes. That part of the region from where Jesus originated was devoid of White, or as they like to call themselves, Caucasian people but it suits the purpose of the racists, who see being White as pure, sinless and everything good. If asked, I bet those same bigots will say unequivocally that Satan is a Black man. The picture shown above of Jesus is the image of him that will continue to live in my mind.

    • blidL says:

      Sounds like you struggle with bitterness! That’s ok, nobodies perfect.
      You obviously don’t know much about the Bible- or history for that matter.. But not all is lost- I’m here to shine a beacon on your lack of knowledge !!!
      First, The Bible makes it a point to describe King David’s features as ‘ruddy, fair’ ! It’s incredible the arrogance of some- who weren’t even there 4000 years ago, to tell us who was what, where, how and why! Secondly, ‘to the victors go the spoil’! surely, you know what that means… OUCH ! The ‘White’ race as you put it- or Caucasian, (gee that must hurt hateful- racist people like you), pretty much controlled the world- them and Spain anyways, (another mix of fair and dark skinned people) the last 1000 or so years, and if they wanted to paint a white Jesus- SO WHAT !
      I’m Caucasian- ewww… that word again, and I know of no white people that think Satan is a Black man. That’s just more noise coming from your already paranoid mind.
      There are many ancient scripts and books one can investigate via the internet in reference to ancient history, and what was known and understood at that time – but hey, we don’t need that material, we have you.

      • Elizabeth Nichols says:

        Yes,Jesus was and still is Black…… Period. What difference it makes you asked, then why do YOU keep portraying Jesus as White when you know that is not the truth??? It is because WE were LIED to. BLIND/bildL YOU might want to check the history of humans.
        1. We all originated from AFRICA, Check National Geographic, 1985 in search of Adam/ Eve.
        2. Check out 23 and Me Geno of Humans, Black People with NAPPY HAIR Spun/Mutated the rest of Humanity.
        3. Check out Family Tree DNA you will get a chance to look at the Movement and Migration patterns of Modern Humans coming from AFRICA to MIDDLE EAST, TO ASIA, EUROPE, SOUTH AMERICA, OH. YES PLEASE DO NOT FORGET THR Aborigines

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