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Can we all have our own idea about what is true?

We want to look at everyday life’s consequences of believing that we can all have our own idea about what is true.

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Low bridge

A lorry driver could say that his truth was that he can go under a 4.1 mtr. high bridge with his 4.5 mtr. high lorry. He would soon discover that his idea of truth was wrong.

We may feel that it is arrogant to claim that what someone else believes to be true is actually wrong. But is it arrogant for a locksmith to insist that only the correctly designed key will open a particular door?

Drinking milk

We may consider that our sincerity and feelings are more important than truth. However, exact truth is independent of sincerity. Feeling we can open a door with the wrong key will not give us access to the building. Drinking poison, sincerely believing it is milk, will still be disastrous.

Why truth is important

Truth is important because being wrong has in some cases disastrous consequences. As we see, believing that a high vehicle will go under a low bridge, believing the wrong key will open a door and believing poison is milk, bring unwanted consequences.

Woman looking at Grave

Exact truth is particularly important when thinking about our long-term future. We need to find out the truth of what happens when this life ends. Then we need to discover if there is something more after death. We need a source of information with a proven track record of being right on such matters. The Bible claims to be such a source of information. There is good evidence to believe this claim. Look at the page What’s so special about the Bible?.

We can’t all have our own truth. When thinking about our long-term future, we need to find out what the truth is from the Bible


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