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How many days was Jesus alive on Earth?

> My son (6-3/4 yrs old) is asking “how many days was Jesus alive on Earth?”

Well, we don’t know exactly how old Jesus was when he died. He was born in summer (shepherds in the fields at night) and died in springĀ  (passover). He was thirty years old when he started his ministry (Luke 3:23). The gospels don’t explicitly say how long his ministry was, but it works out to 3 passovers, which matches a probable prophecy from Daniel (Dan 9) that Jesus’s ministry would be 3 1/2 years long. So, 33 1/2 years = 12230 days, give or take about 30 or 40 each way. (We cannot be sure exactly when he was born, exactly what the leap month was in that time, etc).

And, just to be correct, you’d have to add an extra 40 days when he was alive on earth after being raised from the dead, before he went to be with God.

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