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What is the tablet theory of Genesis authorship and is it biblical?

This is a textual theory as follows:

Per Craig David (2007) … the Tablet Theory of Genesis first suggested by Percy Wiseman makes a genuine effort to explain the appearance of antiquity in Genesis. Wiseman states:

“The book of Genesis was originally written on tablets in the ancient script of the by the patriarchs who were intimately concerned with the events related, and whose names are clearly stated.  Moreover, Moses, the compiler and editor of the book, as we now have it, plainly directs attention to the source of his information.” [Ancient Records and the Structure of Genesis A Case for Literary Unity .  P. J. Wiseman, ‎Donald John Wiseman · 1985]

The Tablet Theory suggests that the text of Genesis 1:1 – 37:2 was originally written on clay… These clay tablets usually end with a colophon, an inscription with a name or title identifying the tablet. Wiseman suggests that the colophons have been largely retained in Genesis in the phrase “These are the generations of… (from Craig Davis Dating the Old Testament 2007 p.132 Section The Genesis Tablets)

As to whether it is biblical, there is nothing inherently unbiblical in it. Percy Wiseman was an ardent defender of the Genesis text.

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