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Bible Q

Were the Israelites circumcised during their time in Egypt?

It seems probable that they were. Joshua 5:5 says the Israelites were already circumcised at the time they came out of Egypt, but their is no record of  a mass circumcision just prior to their exodus, which would seem to suggest that the Israelites continued to carry out circumcision during their time in Egypt. Additional note Joshua […]

Why is there so little evidence for both the Exodus and the events described in the Book of Joshua?

Absence of direct evidence for the Exodus is not surprising. Egyptian records are not well preserved, and there are serious gaps in the records due to physical loss or destruction, including an almost complete lack of records during the Exodus era. Egyptians did not differentiate between Semitic groups living in Egypt (and there were many), […]

Are the outbreaks in Cairo part of the end-times?

I believe it is the end times now, so I’d have to say that the outbreaks are part of the end times.1 However, I know of no specific reference to this unrest in Scripture. One of the reasons I believe it is now the end time, or latter days, is because of Jesus’ prophecy recorded in […]

How long were the people of Israel enslaved in Egypt?

The following chart (from my book The Times: a Chronology of the Bible) shows some of the major events during this period and shows the period that Israel was in Egypt from 1656 BC to 1446 BC, or 210 years. Some of the evidence for these dates is given below. The date of the Exodus […]