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Bible Q

Does God protect us from harm?

You say: I met this man 13 years older than me, I’m 31 he’s 43.  And he let me and my kid’s move in with him and he told me that he wanted to marry and that he would take care of me and that he had all this money and he was stable at […]

Why are there natural disasters in a world created by God?

Many people wonder how a loving God could have created a world in which natural disasters occur. What most people do not realize is that such disasters are typically the product of natural systems which most of the time operate for our benefit. To put it one way, natural disasters are the ‘cost’ we ‘pay’ […]

Why do we have bad people on earth?

There are bad people because of free will. God wants people to love him. God made people free because you can only love if you are free to do so. But being free means that people can also choose not to love God, choose not to obey his word, choose to do bad things. This […]

Did God create evil?

To help answer this question it’s important that we define the word ‘evil’. Here are two possible definitions: Sin, wrongdoing or wickedness Calamity; something causing harm, injury or suffering So we could ask two further questions: Did God create immorality, wickedness or sin? No. The Bible is very clear that God is the source of […]

Are there any historical accounts of what the ancient Christians taught about the devil/satan?

Early Christians after the 1st century AD typically understood the devil/satan as a supernatural evil being, either a fallen angel or a demon. However, some early Jewish interpreters held a very different view. The famous 18th century Baptist commentator John Gill acknowledged that early Jewish teachers interpreted ‘satan’ as a reference to the natural inclination […]

Is the devil a part of God’s creation?

If the devil were an enormously powerful supernatural being which tormented the wicked in hell, then it would be very difficult indeed to explain why God would create such a being. However the Bible does not teach that the devil is a supernatural being, or that it torments the wicked in hell. The Bible nowhere […]

Why is there so much evil in the world?

Because there are so many evil people in the world. Usually evil is the product of selfishness and goodness the product of unselfishness. So, if you wish to promote goodness you should encourage people to be unselfish — as Jesus did. Jesus talked about why there is evil in the world and people’s preference for […]