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Bible Q

Why did the Old Testament make a distinction between certain meats (i.e., clean and unclean) but not plants, even though some plants are poisonous?

There are two possible reasons why the law was given distinguishing between clean and unclean animals: (1) The main reason, because it is the one explicitly stated in the Bible was that the people were to “not defile themselves”, the physical defilement apparently emblematic of spiritual defilement. Leviticus 11:43-44 Do not make yourselves detestable by […]

What was the purpose for circumcision?

Genesis 17 states that God required that Abraham and those of his house to be circumcised as a sign (NET “reminder”) of the covenant between God and Abraham and those who succeeded him. Why did God initiate this specific procedure? What was its meaning? The Bible does not give a reason why circumcision was chosen […]

Why is healing needed in the body?

In God’s plan there will be a time in the future when his faithful people will be made immortal and there will be no need for their bodies to be healed because they will never be sick. At the present time, however, our bodies suffer from illness and disease and injury, and it is one […]

Are there restrictions on what a woman can do during her period?

Under the Law of Moses, Jewish women were considered to be impure for seven days during the period of menstruation and there were various requirements regarding separation and washing during this time, as listed in Leviticus 15:19-24. In Leviticus 18:19 and Ezekiel 18:6, sexual relations during this period are prohibited. In the New Testament there […]