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Bible Q

Why wasn’t Lot turned into a pillar of salt?

Two reasons why Lot wasn’t destroyed: A) for Abraham’s sake (Genesis 19:29); B) Lot didn’t enjoy being there, it was agony to him (2 Peter 2:7-8). Lot pleaded with his family all night to go with the angels (Genesis 19:14-15) but they didn’t want to leave. Lot was hesitant to go because he knew his family didn’t […]

What did Lot’s wife do wrong?

Jesus chose her as an stark example warning people against an attachment to ‘the old life’ (Luke 17:28-32). Genesis 19:15-25 tells how Lot was led urgently out of Sodom by the angels because it was to be destroyed. The angels told them not to look back or stop (Genesis 19:17). Lot’s wife went with him, […]