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Bible Q

Can tithes and offerings be paid in ways other than money?

Under the Law of Moses the Israelites were required to tithe the seed of the land, the fruit of the trees, and herds and flocks (Leviticus 27:30,32). It was permitted to contribute money instead (Lev 27:31). Jesus refers to the practice of tithing by the Jews in Luke 11:42 where he mentions the tithing of […]

What did the tithe represent?

A tithe means a tenth. Under the Law of Moses, the Israelites were asked to pay one tenth of their produce and one tenth of their flocks to God (Leviticus 27:30-32). This is called “tithing”. The basic principle in tithing is that everything actually belongs to God, and the giving of one-tenth acknowledges this. If […]

Where does the Bible say we are supposed to tithe?

Nowhere. The Bible does not command tithing of our income at all. A “tithe” means a “tenth” and tithing means donating 10% of your income. Under the law of Moses in the Old Testament, tithing was required for the Israelites. It was their taxation system. Every Israelite had to give 10% of their income to […]