Under the Law of Moses the Israelites were required to tithe the seed of the land, the fruit of the trees, and herds and flocks (Leviticus 27:30,32). It was permitted to contribute money instead (Lev 27:31).

Jesus refers to the practice of tithing by the Jews in Luke 11:42 where he mentions the tithing of mint and rue and every herb, but he does not say it was necessary for his followers to tithe.

In the New Testament there is no commandment to tithe, so if followers of Christ decide, voluntarily, to tithe, they can tithe whatever they wish to contribute.

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4 Responses to Can tithes and offerings be paid in ways other than money?

  1. ashley hall says:

    I want to give back to the Lord for blessing me so much! I can’t tithe the way I should because I have 3 kids and bills and I don’t get paid what I should, but I give what I can. What other ways can I tithe? God has been good to my family and I and I just want to show him how thankful I am every Sunday 🙂

  2. k. mac says:

    you dont have to wait until sunday to give thanks. during the week you can help a neighbor, do something nice for a stranger, volunteer, donate, etc.

  3. Harvey says:

    Where in the bible does it say that the tithes have to get paid at? Does it have to be the church your attending or could it be anywhere? Please explain from the bible.


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