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What does “Jew” mean in the Bible?

The meaning of the word “Jew” has changed over time, and we need to be careful in applying the meaning from one period to a passage written at a different period.

Up until the exile, “Jew” meant somebody from the tribe of Judah. There are hardly any occurrences of this in Scripture; one exception is 2 Kings 16:6.

During and after the exile, it came to mean anybody from the area of Judea, regardless of their tribe. This is evident in Ezra 4:12, for example, where the term includes people of the tribe of Benjamin and Levi (see the list in Ezra 1). Also in Esther 2:5-6 where Mordecai of the tribe of Benjamin is called a “Jew”. By the time of the captivity, the word “Jew” also included converts to the Jewish religion (e.g., Esther 8:17).

By New Testament times, it meant anybody of Israelite heritage as well as anybody of the Jewish religion (e.g., Gal 2:13-15)

The word seems to have an additional meaning in John’s gospel where it often refers to the Jewish leaders. For example, John 5:10-18; 7:13; 11:8; etc.


For further information, see the Wikipedia article on the etymology of “Jew”.

One Reply to “What does “Jew” mean in the Bible?”

  1. The scripture Root of the terms Jew, Judaism and why Antinomianism hate Jews as a people.

    *YEHUDIM.{Yod, Hey, Vav, Dad, Yod, Mem} from the word {Jew, Strong # 3064 Yehudi} Interpreted Jews, is the Hebraic portmanteau word from two existing terms Strong # 3050 YAH} and {Strong’s # 1935 “Hohd.” he, vav, daleth.} meaning splendors, majesty, glory, honor. “YHWH’S Glory” is real spiritually force that gets manifest in a physically people, name “Yehudim.”

    Adherence to satisfy a number of prophetic verses, one is in (Num. 6:27) “They shall put My name upon the sons of Israel, and I will bless them.” Laid claim in the scripture as the people of YHWH, for only they are titleholders of YHWH’s mononym (Proverbs 1:7,9, 4:5,9, Isaiah 43:6-7.) (Michah 4:5) “For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of YHWH our Elohim FOREVER and ever.” It is a real meritorious act of valor to namable be known by our Heavenly Father mononym.

    Those that are Yehudim by the freedom of chose {Strong’s 1481 Gur.} (Ex. 12:48, Eze. 47:23) while {Strong’s # 1616 Gehr. gimel, resh.} has a very sympathetic meaning, it’s based on {Strong’s # 1481 Gur} meaning Abide and Assemble together, Dwell together, Guest, one who had converted {Strong’s # 1481 Gur. gimel, vav, resh.} The convert Tribal inheritance is determine in (Eze. 47:21-23). A delightful manifestation for the title Yehudim by chose is in the portmanteau term {Strong‘s 3054 Yahad. Yod, He, Daleth.} this word derive from two terms [Strong’s # 3050 Yah and Strong’s # 1906 “Had.” He, daleth.] means “YAH’s Joyous declaration,” meaning He Joyously declare them as His own.

    The Hebrew Yahadut is a offshoot from Strong‘s 3054 Yahad, the evidence indicate that “Yahadut” is comprise of the same root letters and pronounce is associated with Strong‘s 3054 Yahad. The scripture revival what is a convert “Yehudim.” The veracity defined in (Est. 8:17) “People of the land‚ converted {Strong‘s 3054 Yahad. Yod, He, Daleth.} to Yehudim” When they converted they were called literally by YHWH’S mononym, in the Hebrew with the titled “Yehudim.” Indicated by a different Hebrew word {“HiteYahad.” He, tov, Yod, he, Daleth.} that it means “to make one‘s self a Yehudi.“

    “Yahadut” has been considered as the accepted form of expression for the only religion joyously reveal and titled by His name.

    THERE IS A SPIRITUAL DIMENSION TO YAHADUT { Yod, He, Daleth, Vav, Tov.} The word Judaism is the word translated from the Hebrew Yahadut. The Hebrew Yahadut is spiritual manifestations to “YHWH physical scripture religion.” Yahadut literally root denote “YHWH Joyous proclamation” for there is only single religion declared in the scripture.

    The word Yahadut derive from a beautify offshoot of [Strong‘s 3054 Yahad.] Both Yahadut and Strong‘s 3054 Yahad are also a Hebraic portmanteau words formed by blending together two distinct words, then combining their meaning, such as Yahadut is produced from [Strong’s # 3050 Yah] and [Strong’s # 2304 Hedut.] Strong’s # 2304 Hadut {Heth, Daleth, Vav, Tov.} is initially from Strong’s # 2302 Hadah {Heth, Daleth, He.} which in turn is rooted in Strong’s # 1906 “Had” {He, daleth.} all this Hebrew words are an expression of His passionate enthusiasm and unrestrained declaration of joy.

    The Torah along is the preeminence source to understand the mechanism that causes the real natural processes of our blessing, spiritual strength, joy, delight and happiness, therefore applied for the word “Strong’s # 2304 Hadut” express in (1 Ch. 16:27) and (Nehemiah. 8:10) “YHWH’s Joyousness {Heth, Daleth, Vav, Tov.} is your strength.” Its a rooted from “Joyous declare shout” {Strong’s # 1906 “Had.” He, daleth.} which is another word that means His “declare” Joy, Delight and Happiness as [Strong’s # 2304 Hedut.” heth, daleth, vav, tov.] “YAHADUT” maintain the eternal YHWH mononym spiritual association with His Joyousness “proclamation” for a Torah covenant relationship should be by portmanteau word definition a delightedness religious practice. YHWH children encompass insatiable spiritual aspiration to find their real and lasting scripture heritage, and is undisputable that the scripture is Yahadut preeminence defining source. We find the term “Yahadut” was coin by the first century BCE as YHWH’s religion. References include the Second Book of Maccabees 2:21 and 8:1. “Yahadut” or “dat Yahadut,” this word has been utilize as the Yahudim religion for more than two millennia. Yehudim (Jews) [derive from Strong’s # 3050 Yah and Strong’s # 1935 Hohd] is the titled of those in HIS flock, and in His Kingdom who practice Yahadut [Judaism, indicate YHWH system of joyous covenanted life.]

    The greatest tricks the devil has pulled is to convince people they can access the spiritual world by Antinomianism I.E. bypassing the physical world. The devil has convince his own to Hate the Jews because they are the physical manifestations to spiritual of YHWH, His people and His physical scripture Religion.