All our temptations come from the natural instinct of independent biological organisms to self-optimize; that is, to improve their standard of living, to reproduce, and to take steps to survive (Genesis 3:6, Romans 7:23, James 1:14).

Angels are not biological organisms (in the sense that they are not made of fallible biological material like we are), and have no need to self-optimize. Specifically:

  • They have no need to improve their standard of living (they’re in the presence of God which the Bible describes as the optimal standard of living, Revelation 21:3-4);
  • They have no need to reproduce (they don’t marry, Mark 12:25, Luke 20:36);
  • They have no need take steps to survive (they live forever, Luke 20:36).

They are already superlatively optimized. Therefore they can have free will without being robots, and yet not be tempted as we are. They have one will, to serve their Creator (Psalm 103:20).

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3 Responses to If angels have no free will, they are robots; if they have free will, why wouldn’t they be able to sin?

  1. Brandy Williams says:

    Yes angels have sinned. There where angels that followed Lucifer and rebeled against God and were cast out of heaven. Here are some references Jude 1:6, Job 4:18, 15:15, Revelation 12, 22:11 and Matthew 25 and Luke 10:18.

  2. Joe says:

    So you’ve conceded that all angels, having perfect conditions and free will, have no reason to sin. Aren’t you forgetting someone? (and his followers.) why did he sin? Pride? He wasn’t content? Where did pride come from in these perfect conditions? What’s to keep you and Joe shmoe from having fits of pride/sin when you are in heaven?

    Think about it.

  3. Jonathan Burke says:

    //Aren’t you forgetting someone? (and his followers.)//

    No, I don’t think so. Who did you have in mind?

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