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What should you do when you love someone else’s spouse?

Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous. [Heb. 13:4]

Marriage is sacred, so we need to respect another couple’s marriage and not interfere with it.

If we are married, we also need to respect our own marriage and treat it as holy, loving our own spouse.

Adultery is a sin that can involve very strong temptations (remember David’s sin against Bathsheba: 2Sam. 12), so we need to beware of the temptations and stay away from the person we are unhelpfully attracted to (Joseph even ran away from someone who was tempting him to sin against a marriage: Gen. 39:12).

If you are married to someone then you also need to grow closer to your own spouse, as Jesus loved the church and gave himself for it (Eph. 5:25-33).

In all situations where we are tempted to sin — and in our whole lives — we should also pray to God to ask him to help us to become people who hate sin (Ps. 97:10) and love righteousness instead (2Tim. 2:22): we are God’s workmanship and he will help us to mature (Eph. 2:10). Remember, too, to keep reading the Bible and following the commands that God gives us there (Ps. 119:9) — this is a big part of how God shapes us into people more and more like himself and his son, Jesus.

One Reply to “What should you do when you love someone else’s spouse?”

  1. When i was a kid like 6-7 years old i ask God with all of my heart put in my way the right person and i ask him to show me who that person would that i would love the most in my life be i try to see it but then i taught God also speaks in symbols some how the name came to me the first n middle name and the father last name and the mother i and knew where i would meet her and how and throw and i what country she was from and what state she would come from but i felt a pain in my hearth and i ask God and words come to my mouth that she would like my older cousin and would have a child together i even knew the name of the child. fowards in time like 10 years later i was at my cousin’s house with his mom my mom and his younger brother whom i hang with a car pull up in front of the house and my heart jump and i told my cousin the younger  
    the love of my life is here she came with my female cousin to visit we never seen the girl before but some how i knew stuff about her crazy thing happen that i did not know how to tell her i loved her i mean we just met but some how i did not remember that God told me that she was going to be with my cousin so before i told her i heard two people speaking to me telling me do not tell her that but still i told as was telling how i felt i could see it in her eyes that she did not like me as a man maybe not her type but still i keep trying u know if this is the girl am going to love the most in my life even if i saw the future of her marring my cousin i still would try mjy heart hearted so much that i had to walk away as i was doing it i could not help it to cry i walk into my younger cousin’s room and i started to scream like i was getting tortured. so like 8 years pass by and she is with my cousin they have a 4 year old baby and one on the way but i still feel the same way for her i dont want her to leave my cousin to get with me not anymore but there love is still there i wnat to stop loving her but at the same time i don’t i lost the love i had for other people they treated me like crap and know they want to be christian and tell me u must love ur family i mean is gone i don’t even want to get marry anymore u know if it hurted so deeply to love a girl that i never meet before and still does i know that God say’s in his words not  
    to want what belong to someone else but i wanted her i loved her before he ever did vefore there where together ? Would God send me to hell for loving someone when they are with somebody else even if i loved that person vefore they meet. Love is Great but why does it hurt so much i find life on earth meaningless i just want jesus to came for his church i dont like the world but am stuck in it i just wanted one person to be with i mean if u put me with a woman that i loved and she loved me in returned by ourself in any place i would be happy but i no logger want that this i just want this life to be over and start the next one in heaven. u know i one point veofere i read the bile i said to my self is ok if he has her in this life i mean marriage is until death so ill just show her how much i love her in heaven there we will be together forever but naaaaaaaaa 
    no one will be getting married in heaven so nooo i dont want to get married to have sex i just want to be there with the girl that i love and hold hand together n tell each other i love u walk in paradise together thats what i really wanted from God after his love and mercy that why i dont even work i mean for what to find myself in a nice home all alone and old for that i bee a homeless the only reason i likke to fix my self and have nice thing a nice house with beautifull garden is for my girl if she not there was the point. is like what is heaven without God that what being in this world without the girl love is