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Bible Q

How many female prophets are in the Bible?

Several women are described as prophetesses. In the Old Testament we have the following five:

  1. Miriam (Exodus 15:20-21)
  2. Deborah (Judges 4:4)
  3. Huldah (2 Kings 22:14)
  4. Noadiah (Nehemiah 6:14)
  5. Isaiah’s wife (Isaiah 8:3)

The Jewish Talmud counts some additional women as prophets including Sarah, Hannah (mother of Samuel), Abigail (wife of David) and Esther. However, these are not called prophets or prophetesses in the Bible.

In the New Testament, there are another five:

  1. Anna (Luke 2:36)
  2. Philip’s four daughters (Acts 21:8-9)

Although not called prophetesses, both Mary mother of Jesus (Luke 2:46-55) and Elizabeth mother of John Baptist (Luke 2:41-45) both made prophecies.

Then there are various false prophetesses:

  1. Several mentioned by Ezekiel (Ezekiel 13:17-23)
  2. Jezebel at the church of Thyatira (Revelation 2:20)


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