Yes. This is a wonderful, important (1 Cor. 15:12-19) part of the Christian faith that the apostle Paul writes about in 1 Corinthians 15. Two of the relevant parts of that chapter are:

In 1 Corinthians 15:23 Paul says that Christ is the first of those to be raised: his resurrection is the forerunner, the foretaste, the preview of everyone else’s resurrection.

In 1 Corinthians 15:49 Paul says that Christians will ‘bear the image of the man of heaven’ — i.e., when they’re raised they’ll be like the Lord Jesus — just as at the moment they bear ‘the image of the man of dust’ (i.e., now we are mortal, corruptible, made of dust, like Adam: cf. Gen. 2:7).

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6 Responses to Will our bodies be resurrected like Jesus was?

  1. John Feury says:

    In the early days of Christianity,Christians were divided …those who believed that the phyisical body of Christ had risen (phyisical resurrection) and others who believed,now mostly airbrushed out, it was his spirit body (spirit materialization).In my view the early church backed the wrong side. what is the point of Jesus phyisical body in the next world ? It was his Spirit (Etheric body) that materialised. In the next life we will be spirit,( we are spirit) not phyisical…it is a duplicate on a finer vibration. Jesus was demonstrating this to the various witness’s.This was a wonderful demonstration of survival on the part of Jesus. To reiterate my point, it was a spiritual materialialization not a phyisical resurrection.

    • Jonathan Morgan says:

      We aim to take our beliefs from the Bible, which would come from what you call “the early church”. This means physical resurrection. If we didn’t take our beliefs from the Bible, I don’t know what source we would be able to use. I don’t see any reason to change our source or our beliefs on physical resurrection.

    • Larry cacho says:

      What you are saying isnt biblical at all and in fact the very disciples jesus appeared to thought he was ghost or a spiritual manifestation. But jesus himself told them to touch and observe his wounds from the cross and he said “for SPIRIT DO NOT HAVE FLESH AND BLOOD as i do”

      • John Feury says:

        When I was young and first read the Bible something seemed odd about it,as if it had been tampered with. Years later when I read History, I learned that a Pope,Sixtus V rewrote the bible in 1585 ( it took two years,day & night with a team of scholars ) Indeed it was so full of blunders it had to be withdrawn after his death in 1590.WE HAVE TO KEEP AN OPEN MIND, HOW MUCH IS AUTHENTIC AND HOW MUCH HAS BEEN DOCTORED.

        • Larry cacho says:

          If the bible was tampered with as you say then why has God allowed false info and misconceptions for the past 700 years???? You said “we have to keep an open mind, how much is authentic and how much has been doctored” . What you really are saying is disregarding the parts you don’t like, the parts that dont make sense or are scientifically or intellectually logical to you. The bible was proven authentic by countless scholars and God is a witness of its total truthfulness because its been preserved from ancient times to now .

  2. San W says:

    There is good reason to believe that our bodies will be resurrected physically because that’s the way Jesus revealed the power of resurrection to us.
    Also the Bible tells us that in the Rapture , the dead will rise first and will be caught up together with the ones still alive ,so it reaffirms that our bodies aren’t simply discarded.This means complete resurrection ;spiritual and physical.

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