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If God hates homosexuality, would someone be born homosexual?

God doesn’t hate homosexuality; he hates homosexual acts, just as he hates illicit heterosexual acts. Note that the Bible never speaks of homosexual orientation; it condemns only homosexual acts.

12 Replies to “If God hates homosexuality, would someone be born homosexual?”

  1. Note that people are born with the desire to perform many other acts that God also says that he hates. So the real question is, why are we born sinful?

  2. People are not born with homosexual desires. They are like any other sin that some humans choose to give in too, and get addicted too. However, just as God can set people free from any other sin He can set homosexuals free. Why do Christians choose to believe humans when they say that people are born homosexuals over what the Bible says? Do they trust human desires, emotions, etc. more than what God is saying in His Word?

  3. People are not born with homosexual desires. Homosexuality is like any other sin that some humans choose to give in too, and get addicted too. However, just as God can set people free from any other sin He can set homosexuals free. Why do Christians choose to believe some humans who say that people are born homosexuals over what the Bible says? Do they trust human desires, emotions, etc. more than what God is saying in His Word?

    • You clearly have never met an 8-year-old boy with a feminine lisp and homosexual tendencies and desires. Jesus, himiself, speaks of this in people who have made themselves eunuchs. Nowhere in the bible does it say that people are not born homosexual, and nowhere in the bible does it say that God hates homosexuals, he hates the sin, not the person, just as we should.

      • I suppose you also believe there is a “gay gene” that’s been discovered? You need to do some research instead of just blindly believing what the media tells you. No scientist anywhere at any time has said there is a “gay gene”. People are not born homosexual. In fact, most evidence from research done shows that environmental factors are definitely involved. This means that it is a learned BEHAVIOUR not a genetic pre-disposition. Behaviour can be altered and in fact there is evidence that homosexual behaviour can be successfully treated and these people have shown 100% change in sexual orientation. Don’t believe the media, the research speaks for itself.

        • While people are not neccesarily born homo there are factors that affect the possibility of them becoming so as soon as they’re born. No there is no ‘gay gene’ however some ARE born with chemical imbalances of estrogen and testertone and this can definitely make them more susceptible to the desire. I also believe certain personality types are more prone and sensitive to different kinds of Sin. doesn’t make it right and doesn’t mean it’s not sin, but when someone has an alcoholic parent it makes them more susceptible to becoming an alcoholic themself, this people can accept but for whatever reason people judge homosexual sin on a different level. It’s not right to be an alcoholic NOR is it right to act upon unbiblical sexual desires, hetero or homo. Yet at the same time we must be loving and gentle and humble when we see a brother or sister has fallen and help them to flee from that temptation as directed us in Galations.

          • Babies have no sexual orientation. To say otherwise is simply ignorant. Homosexual behaviour is learned, not genetic. Chemical imbalances do happen, however this is not what causes homosexual behaviour. Men with high testosterone levels also behave homosexually, it has nothing to do with chemical imbalances and everything to do with environment and choices. That’s the end of the story. I don’t really care if people want to behave that way, that’s between them and God, what I do care about is the lies being told in order to condone this behaviour. People need to stop lying about homosexual behaviour. If you want to do it, that’s your choice and has nothing to do with genes or chemicals and saying it is, is just like saying paedophiles are born with “factors that affect the possibility of them becoming so as soon as they’re born.” Sounds like garbage because that’s what it is. Nobody is born gay or paedo, they learn the behaviour. Chemicals don’t make you do things, your choices do.

  4. Adam is the reason were born into sin. Yes man thoughts are evil but unless a child that has no concept of life, death heaven hell, Jesus, Blood shed for remission of sins, etc.. Then that child if cannot have the capability to mentally understand then they will not go to Hell but if they are old enough to understand those things then they become accountable as we all do. We all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. God hates a adultery to and besides from being unnatural its the same to him as adultery.

    • In case it seemed I said people were born homosexual I did not they are not a child could also not cheat on someone or be married or understand any of that so therefore they are not born into that. But the scripture does say were into sin by the sin curse brought from when Adam and eve sinned and took the fruit. Sin brings death, sin is a curse which is why we see babies born with defects and that they die and cancers and many other things. But such as Homosexuality, adultery, whores, whoremongers, Liars, deceivers, etc.. are choise we make the Bible says anything not of faith is Sin.

      • But mainly our job as Christians is to show people the hope that was in world which we all our guilty of Him being on the cross. We are to show his Love, unconditional not loving sin and saying truth but mostly to show his love. Jesus said you can hang all the law and prophets on this that you Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart soul and mind, and Love thy neighbor as thyself. Love is Jesus to give your whole self sacrifice everything for even some one who doesn’t deserve it. I deserve I was just as awful any sinner and Jesus saved me I still fall short but the Blood of Jesus cleans all sins.

  5. The brain and the body have been tormented by sin. Do we not see this with other birth defects? None of us have perfect bodies. It would be highly possible for a person to be born with a bodies that is twisted toward sinful temptations. Alcoholism can also be traced to genetics.

    Regardless God desires us to not give into the sins of the world.

  6. Read and learn.

    study conducted by Francis M. Pottenger, Jr., MD
    between 1932 and 1942, involving 900 cats proved without a shadow of a doubt
    that the diet of the parents was 100% to blame in the sexual orientation of the
    offspring. Pottenger was simply looking for physical
    traits in cats fed raw foods versus cooked foods. The third generation of cats fed strictly cooked foods, with no
    supplementation, were born dead or sterile.Something he noticed in the offspring of the cats
    fed cooked foods, but not raw foods was sexual deviancy. Male cats were seen
    mounting male cats and female cats mounting female cats. The reason for this
    behavior was because the cats were denied the nutrients necessary for the
    formation of a sound brain and the organs that produce the chemicals that govern
    the brain.The damage to the offspring was
    irreversible, the damage having been done in the womb. Bear in mind not
    all beings are 100% heterosexual or homosexual, that explains the conversion of
    some homosexuals. An other study by Weston A. Price, M.S., D.D.S., F.A.C.D. proved the same thing. Price being a dentist toured
    the world looking for perfect physical groups or tribes and compared them to
    those who adopted western diets of devitalized foods. Although the focus of his
    research was on teeth and jaw formations he noticed that the emotional behavior
    of the second generation, whose parents were on devitalized foods, also changed.
    Not only were there physical changes to the facial structure,narrowed faces crowded
    teeth etc., but emotional changes as well. Criminal and homosexual
    behavior, traits that were non-existent in the parents were seen in some of the offspring. An argument could be made
    that humans have free will but an animal’s sexual behavior is instinctive so a
    chemical imbalance in the brain is the only possible explanation for their


    N. Roy

    ps. Look up Pottenger’s Cats ( A Study in Nutrition ) by Francis
    M. Pottenger

    and Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A.