These six “demons” are from the film “The exorcism of Emily Rose”. Although all the names are found in the Bible, the idea that they are six demons is not biblical.

was the son of Adam and Eve. He killed his brother Abel and was consequently punished. (Genesis 4:1-24).
was emperor of Rome from AD54 to AD68. He is famous for his tyranny, extravagance and immorality. He is mentioned in Acts 25:8-26; 26:32; 27:24; 28:19 and Philippians 4:22. His persecutions of the Christians are referred to in 1 Peter 1:6.
was one of the disciples of Jesus. He betrayed Jesus (Mark 14:43-46) and later killed himself (Matthew 27:3-5).
was the name an insane man that Jesus healed had given himself (Mark 5:1-20). Legion means “many” and the man thought he was inhabited by many demons.
means “worthless”. There was an ancient Jewish myth about a demon called Belial. This myth is probably the basis of Paul’s comment in 2 Corinthians 6:15.
is a Latin word meaning “morning star” or Venus. In Isaiah 14:12, the king of Babylon is described as the morning star. The KJV translates this as Lucifer, which has misled many people into thinking the passage is referring to a supernatural force of evil.
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  • Antibah Kipkoech

    i appreciate these teachings which shed a further insights to know more of the bible’s teachings.
    may God bless you.

  • Da’Shon Cherry

    what are the different positions or levels of hell

    • Rob J Hyndman

      There are no levels. See Where is hell?

      • Roni

        It actually depends on what your belief of Hell is. It sounds like he is referencing Dante’s 9 levels of hell where Treachery (Treason) is considered the worst sin:

        1. Limbo
        2. Lust
        3. Gluttony
        4. Greed
        5. Anger
        6. Heresy
        7. Violence
        8. Fraud
        9. Treachery
        • Rob J Hyndman

          I base my beliefs on the Bible, not Dante. In the Bible, there are no levels of hell. Hell (in most places) simply means grave.

  • just

    I don’t know what you mean who are the six demons if you mean the ones in the exorcism of emily rose.
    You see, in the movie cain, nero, judas and legion weren’t demons, they were persons posessed by one. Cain when he killed his brother, nero by being an ass-tard, judas in the moment of traitory and legion before jesus cured him. Belial and Lucifer are actual demons. All those six demons that posessed those persons and are in the movie posessed emily Rose. Hope that helped you :)

    • Jon Morgan

      How do you know that Belial and Lucifer are actual demons? Do you disagree with the answer given about where they came from?

      • frodo

        Both Belial and Lucifer is names of the pathetiqe creature, satan. Maybe Belial is like a general or something.. Satan and demons and angels and fallen angels are made in heaven by I AM (God) creator of all living things :-)

    • shante green

      there is no greater sin or little sin but there is a sin nature that works in use and with the word like in dontas levels are tools of the divel that he uses aginst use to give him power over use by your lips,but you hit it on the nail when you said that they were people under the ininfluence or clutches of the devil.Movies are not all that is craked up to be so you have to be careful what you let in your heart because Now of these days it comes to strike fear into u so that u will not have control…Let me clarIfy this agian all were people but LUCIFER there are many scripts i can give to back this up…

  • andy

    thanx ‘just’ for being so specific… n thats true

  • Mark Ticzon

    thank you very much for the specific meaning of this..

  • joshuapiper

    After reading about the six Demons who possessed Emily Rose, I found that the Six Demons who possessed Emily Rose where:

    The Demon who possessed Judas originally,
    The Demon who possessed Cain originally,
    The Demon who possessed Nero originally,
    The Demon Lucifer itself,
    The Demon Belial itself,
    The Demon Legion itself.

    So three named Demons possessed her (Lucifer, Belial and Legion), as well as three unnamed ones (Who originally possessed Judas, Cain and Nero)I don’t know much on the topic but I hope I helped?

    • Epic

      No, Judas, Cain, and Nero are actually demons…

      its not that
      they where possessed by demons and there names taken by the unnamed
      demons. If you read the descriptions of the names again you see that
      they all committed great Sins.

      Which casted them into hell. That is where they eventually became Demons.

      • Rafael Prince Maravilla Gregor

        this means that even you!! you can be a demon like them who are get sins.. the possesion is in their self.. if you killed someone .. you kill him for a reason .. not because someone is in you.. did you get it?

        • Norman Lee Sison

          I kinda agree with Rafael it does not mean you commit a great Sins you would be considered already as a demon but i do believe that if you commit that a great sins and did not really repent for it you’ll probably into hell and suffer for all eternity

    • Egbuniro Ikenna Xander

      I share your idea concerning the matter. Two demons- Belial and lucifer was mentioned and three other demons that are unnamed but they still gave their identity as regards to what they have done that really has a mark in history and lastly- the multitude of Demons who spoke in one accord to identify themselves as Legion.

  • whoareyou2b

    fu** god and fu** satan !

  • Exorcii Dio Satan

    Read “Hostage to the Devil” by Malachi Martin, a former Jesuit Exorcist. Also “Glimpses of the Devil” by Dr. M. Scott Peck, an eminent psychologist, discusses his experiences with exorcism. In that book, these same six demons are named by the girl who is possessed, and this book is older than the movie emily rose, so it leads me to believe emily rose was in part adapted from the text.

  • Bhoszx Hazel

    di cko gets pero merong lesson always love god sooo truuee

  • Jarry Sarabia Bontuyan

    legion is not part of a demons,

    • Jeffrie BayBayin

      Why He Is Not Part Of DEMON

  • Gabriel Caligiuri

    Legion is not a single demon. When Jesus asked the name of the demon, it stated “Legion, for WE are many.” So it was not an “it” as much as it was a “they.” If the use of the word legion was in any way a parallel to the use of the word in Roman armies at the time, then it could have iindicated possession by hundreds or even thousands of demons.

    • Jonathan Morgan

      The use of the word “legion” suggests that the man thought he was possessed by many demons. That doesn’t mean he was actually possessed by any demons at all. See

  • Charles Giltner

    The question implies scriptural accuracy from the film which is probably not correct, since it is loosely based on an actual event meaning that creative license has been used. The list is probably a product of this license. The article is mostly accurate, although one glaring inaccuracy is that of the name of the man with many demons, where it says he said his name was legion. His name was not legion, but the demon speaking for the group so to speak, when asked replied that “We are legion” expressing the names of (6000 soldiers in a roman legion typically) would be too numerous to list and Jesus compelled the demon to respond with truth in his authority. Pleading for their existence, Jesus removed them from the man into the herd of swine, vessels to receive the demons and extinguishing them by drowning the pigs in the sea. The other demons may be accurate in that demons and angels are different creations than humans. Humans can be possessed by demons or angels, but not become one or the other, although angels can take on the appearance of men. We do not become angels or demons upon death or through sin, but we can act under their powers. The Nero, Cain and Judas references may have truth to them, but not scriptural in my understanding. Judas was compelled by Christ to engage in the betrayal to fulfill scripture, Cain acted out of anger and resentment and Nero was a despot with great power which always leads to evil. Lucifer is the godhead of the Masonic orders and latin for the morning star, Venus which in its travels sometimes rises in the morning and sometimes set in the pre-dawn, leading to many cultures equating it with a celestial Godlness. Jesus has been referenced as the great morning star, but this is probably due to inaccurate translation or false doctrine.

  • Jerome Malinao

    There are 6 Demons that Possessed Emily Rose

    The demon that possessed CAIN

    The demon that possessed JUDAS

    the demon that possessed NERO

    one of the demon that possessed LEGION

    the demon BELIAL

    The demon LUCIFER

  • abdullah deshmukh

    it said uaah im cain within belial iam i am one of judas with in

  • MichaelPh

    hey yow..

  • Sherry Johnson

    “No, Judas, Cain, and Nero are actually demons…” Really??? show me exactly WHERE in the Hebrew Bible, the Torah, and the Holy Quran where this is stated as factual.

  • Sherry Johnson

    Nevermind, I found my own answers.

    Hebrew Bible

    The term belial (בְלִיַּעַל bĕli-yaal) is a Hebrew adjective meaning “worthless” from two common words beli- (בְּלִי “without-”) and ya’al ( יָעַל “value”). It occurs twenty-seven times in the Masoretic Text, in verses such as the following:

    “A worthless man (Hebrew adam beli-yaal)” Book of Proverbs 6:12[2]

    Of these 27 occurrences, the idiom “sons of Belial” (בְּנֵֽי־בְלִיַּעַל beni beliyaal) appears 15 times to indicate worthless people, including idolaters (Deuteronomy 13:13), the men of Gibeah (Judges 19:22, 20:13), and the sons of Eli (1 Samuel 2:12, Nabal and Shimei) and so on. In the King James Version of the Christian Bible, these occurrences are rendered with “Belial” capitalised:

    “the sons of Eli were sons of Belial ” (KJV)

    In modern versions these are usually read as a phrase:

    “the sons of Eli were worthless men ” (NRSV, NIV)

    In the Hebrew text the phrase is either “sons of Belial” or simply “sons of worthlessness.”[3][4] However “sons of” phrases are a common semitic idiom such as “sons of destruction” “sons of lawlessness”.[5]

    The etymology of the word is traditionally understood as “lacking worth”.[6] Some scholars translate it from Hebrew as “worthless” (Beli yo’il), while others translate it as “yokeless” (Beli ol), “may have no rising” (Belial) or “never to rise” (Beli ya’al). Only a few etymologists have assumed it to be an invented name from the start.[7]
    (Be′li·al) [from Heb., meaning "Good for Naught"; a compound of beli′,
    "not, lacking," and ya·‛al′, "be of benefit; be beneficial"]. The
    quality or state of being useless, base, good for naught. The Hebrew
    term beli·ya′‛al is applied to ideas, words, and counsel,[8] to calamitous circumstances,[9] and most frequently, to good-for-nothing men of the lowest sort—for example, men who would induce worship of other gods;[10] those of Benjamin who committed the sex crime at Gibeah;[11] the wicked sons of Eli;[12] insolent Nabal;[13] opposers of God’s anointed, David;[14] Rehoboam’s unsteady associates;[15] Jezebel’s conspirators against Naboth;[16] and men in general who stir up contention.[17]
    Indicating that the enemy power would no longer interfere with the
    carrying out of true worship by his people in their land, Jehovah
    declared through his prophet: “No more will any good-for-nothing person
    pass again through you. In his entirety he will certainly be cut off.”[18]

  • Zeus

    I think that the reason Judas, Cain, and Nero are demons, is because they just betrayed God. Lucifer was once an angel but i he betrayed god, when God said that angels should serve the humankind. Lucifer was the 1st demon, which is why he’s the “demon king” or Satan him self. Later on Judas, Cain and Nero joined him to his “army” of demons as some of the high ranked ones(like general and major, something like that). This is just my theory, i hope some of you can agree to it :p

  • William Constantine

    Can someone please explain how is it possible that Nero. Cain, judas are now demons and active. When they should be in their graves waiting for the resurrection. Didn’t jesus say. I will raise the dead on the last day..